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Community giving

At Sedgwick, corporate citizenship is important. We’ve had a longtime commitment to supporting our colleagues and communities around the world through our charitable giving efforts.

Our efforts are focused on four key pillars that reflect our caring counts philosophy:

  • Education
  • Well-being
  • Social services
  • Sustainability

Causes + initiatives

In addition to local involvement, Sedgwick partners with a number of organizations to help effect positive change on a global scale. As an international organization, we’re invested in the development and well-being of communities across the world.

At Sedgwick, our commitment to taking care of people also extends to caring for the Earth.

Sedgwick's 2021 season of giving campaign supported Conservation International and focused on the importance of protecting and restoring the natural world, so it can sustain our communities and thrive long into the future. We invited all to be part of our world through your lens gallery by sharing photos of nature taken throughout the year. We also encouraged small, incremental changes to individual consumption habits. You can view the gallery and learn more about how everyday actions can make a global impact here.

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