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A world of innovation
We are proud of our position as the recognized industry leader in technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions. But we know to maintain that position, we must constantly listen to our clients, learn what they need, and meet and exceed their expectations. That’s why we are constantly looking to the future and what we can do to maintain excellence not only today, but also tomorrow.

We incorporate a number of strategies to deliver excellence at a higher level for our clients.
A few of the areas where clients will see ongoing innovation include:

  • Building new claimant return to work options: We are looking for new ways to get valuable employees back to work at the level that meets their abilities and your needs.
  • Expansion to new international markets: We recognize we live and work in a global marketplace and thus our clients today often need help managing claims for a workforce outside of the U.S.
  • Creating new integrated services: We are constantly looking for more ways to expand complementary offerings to increase your efficiencies and results.
  • Adding to our portfolio of client-centric solutions: Expanding business where clients want and need it, including FMLA and other employee absence; managed care; property loss adjusting; warranty and credit card claims services; fraud and investigation; and forensic investigations.

The foundation of Sedgwick’s approach to claims management is a customer-driven, state-of-the-art information management and delivery system that is the most flexible, efficient and user-friendly claims and productivity management technology in the industry today.

Our client-facing complement to our claims system is the viaOne® suite of products, which enables authorized client users to view specific claims through an easily accessible web interface. viaOne is available via mobile devices as well as traditional computers. We have also expanded on the advanced graphical capabilities of our customizable homepage to add functionality such as gadgets that allow clients to isolate claims into quick view watch lists, enhanced export and printing abilities, and a quick filter option that streamlines information into graphs or Excel files. In addition, we now offer client branding options for our self-service module that can seamlessly integrate with a client’s own intranet environment.

We realize that to continue to meet the evolving demands of our clients and the changing industry landscape, we must constantly innovate to increase efficiencies and keep pace with today’s society. To this end, we are developing intuitive technology that allows us to give the employee the level of communication and information they need through a variety of mediums. Sedgwick is at the forefront of incorporating and utilizing the latest tools to help improve the claims management process.