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A world of performance
Our extensive breadth of services, coupled with our integrated approach to all your claims and productivity management needs, enables us to help you optimally manage overall costs. We think our ability to integrate claims and other complementary services provides unique synergies and unparalleled efficiencies that lead to a process focused on reducing the total cost of all your claims – no other company provides that level of business-focused collaboration.

For example, among our most valued offerings are benchmarking and stewardship. Both reinforce our commitment to clients and help ensure our actions are guided to those areas where they will have the greatest impact. Sedgwick’s approach to benchmarking and stewardship is based on our ongoing conversations with clients about where their programs stand from an outcomes perspective and what the most promising opportunities are going forward.

Hidden in the claims data are true gems of information. This information becomes even more meaningful when combined with outside industry information. Such comparisons can show which programs are working and which are not. Additional insight may be gained by benchmarking against data sources external to the organization or industry group, and can give you the information needed to further improve outcomes, reduce risk, ensure compliance and lower overall costs. Ultimately, benchmarking is the measurement tool that helps to refine and target our focus as we proceed along a path to continuous quality improvement.

In turn, stewardship helps ensure every action we take is geared toward improving the claims process and managing costs. We want to be certain each client’s program is continuously guided toward achieving optimal results.