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Sedgwick can help you get back to business during COVID-19. We’ve designed a suite of services to support as workplaces and facilities reopen, return and recover. Contact us to configure a plan that’s right for you.

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What will getting “back to business” look like for you?

Sedgwick can be your partner in figuring this out, together. We’ve designed a suite of services that will help keep your business running, as quickly – and safely – as possible as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. We can help configure a plan that’s right for you.

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01 Reopen
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Before you can get back to business, you need to know your workplaces are safe. When it comes to cleaning and compliance, can you be certain your facilities are ready? 

Pre-opening site inspection services 

Sedgwick can provide site safety inspections prior to reopening to ensure buildings are set up properly and equipment is in good working order. Safety inspections are provided by professionals with commercial training and expertise. Our team goes through a comprehensive site safety check to complete a thorough review of the site’s interior and exterior, fire safety and emergency equipment, electrical safety and overall housekeeping. Once the check is completed, an inspection report is provided along with any necessary recommendations. Should cleaning, repair or restoration services be needed, we can assign an appropriate contractor. 

Pre-opening site inspection services flyer
Pre-opening site inspection podcast

Industrial hygiene and disinfection

We can provide certified industrial hygienists and experts to help with your planning efforts as you prepare to reopen. The team can perform coronavirus-related site testing, develop business-specific cleaning and disinfection protocols, provide disinfection contractor oversight and assist with business preparedness. As leaders in industrial hygiene consulting, Sedgwick’s experts have combined their decades of experience with the CDC’s cleaning and disinfection protocols to support our clients’ needs as businesses reopen and people return to the workplace.

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Industrial hygiene and disinfection podcast

Facility safety and cleaning

To ensure your facilities are ready for employees and customers, Sedgwick’s repair solutions team will provide approved contractors to clean buildings and their contents in accordance with CDC guidelines. This service can be provided with or without added industrial hygiene consultation support. Options include 24-hour emergency response, employee safety training, assessments and inspections, contents pack-out and cleaning, environmental/hazardous cleanup, and fabric and textile cleaning.

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Facility safety and cleaning podcast

Ergonomic evaluation and workplace social distancing

As quickly installed remote workstations become more long-term for some of your workers, our experts can complete work site ergonomic evaluations for preventative care, and virtual ergonomic inspections for work-from-home employees. The evaluation of workstations and instruction on proper setup can be very helpful in avoiding repetitive motion and other claims. We can also offer consultative services and support redesign of work areas, floors and operations to allow for additional distance between employees in the workplace. These services can include development of enhanced safety protocols for clients regarding contagious diseases.

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Ergonomic evaluation and workplace social distancing podcast

Preparedness assessment services 

As you prepare to transition employees back into the workplace, we can help you do so safely while ensuring they stay well during an uncertain future. Through a preparedness assessment and inspection, Sedgwick’s safety professionals will walk through the physical and administrative controls necessary for you to get back to business. In addition, we will outline necessary processes for dealing with future diagnosed cases, exposures and absence issues – offering tools and resources to help you develop a formal infectious disease response plan. Adopting and implementing the recommendations made as a result of this assessment will not only address your ability to respond to COVID-19, but will also help prepare for any future outbreaks. 

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Preparedness assessment services podcast

02 Return
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As employees prepare to return to work, we all face a new set of challenges. How are you planning to care for their safety and well-being?

Clinical consultation 

Sedgwick’s 24/7 clinical consultation/nurse triage solution ensures injured and ill employees receive the right care quickly. For employees who have been exposed to COVID-19, or fear they have been exposed, our triage nurses will determine the care and resources needed and offer recommendations, including referring the employee to a physician or a COVID-19 testing center.

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Clinical consultation podcast

Behavioral health coaching

For some employees, returning to their previous workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic is a welcome change – and for others, it may be difficult. The process can include some initial hurdles as well as ongoing challenges for employees who are anxious about returning to work. Sedgwick offers behavioral health coaching solutions that include valuable support services and tools to ease the transition for these employees and help them manage their concerns so they can get back to their jobs and be productive.  

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Surgery preparedness 

As non-urgent surgeries resume, it is important for injured workers facing surgery to stay connected with a surgery nurse who can help them take steps to prepare for surgery and improve their recovery. The surgery nurse provides pre-habilitation activities to ensure employees stay healthy and in optimal condition going into surgery in order to achieve the best outcomes. The surgery nurse will also work with treating providers and Sedgwick’s network partners to promote early scheduling for surgeries, helping to avoid backlogs and delays at surgical centers.

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Surgery preparedness podcast

03 Recover
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The pandemic continues to disrupt our workforces. Do you have a plan in place to address continuity and claims challenges?

Vaccination tracking

When supporting the health and safety of your workforce, being able to track the status of vaccination records within the population can make a significant difference. Sedgwick provides a simple, secure intake platform to give employers a bird's-eye view of vaccination programs and progress – as well as an opportunity to care for your employees on an individual level and help them through any concerns.

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COVID-19 exposure investigation

We know that maintaining a safe environment and a healthy workforce is your priority. One proactive, precautionary method to consider is a workplace exposure investigation, which can help isolate any incidents and contain further spread of the virus. Once an employee is known to be infected, we can engage our team and technology to identify who they have come into contact with inside your work environment. 

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Unemployment claims management and tax services

Without a centralized, consistent process for managing unemployment claims, it can be challenging for employers to control costs and monitor all aspects of their program. Even as employees come back from furloughs, businesses may still be dealing with administration and compliance issues related to the recent increase in unemployment claims. Sedgwick’s expert team provides comprehensive consulting services for your organization’s unemployment process, including assistance with COVID-19 claims and state-specific guidance. We also provide a wide range of services to help clients analyze unemployment tax liability, manage tax accounts, audit charges and uncover possible savings. 

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Unemployment claims management and tax services podcast

Absence management solutions

As federal, state and municipal disability and leave programs adapt in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, staying on top of tracking and compliance becomes a growing challenge. We will continue to monitor and share analysis as provisions expand to accommodate the new realities workers are facing each day. We have also expanded our offerings to accommodate small to mid-size organizations impacted by statutory changes. 

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Absence management solutions podcast

Let’s create a plan for your organization. Learn more.

Our solutions are designed to fit your specific needs through three key phases: reopen, return, recover. They are available a la carte or as a combination of services; many can be customized. Our dedicated back-to-business concierge process is designed to help walk through your needs and determine your coordinated strategy for progress. 

Request a consultation or contact one of Sedgwick’s back to business representatives at to discuss how our solutions can be tailored for you.

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