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Nurses are leaders, project managers and caregivers


All of us have unique experiences that show how a nurse has made a difference in our lives. Nurses see us through from birth to death and everything in between. They are kind, compassionate and caring individuals who were called to their profession by a desire to care for others. Whether for the birth of a child, the death of a parent, the breaking news of a serious diagnosis or just lending a helpful hand when needed, nurses are there for us.

Sedgwick celebrates nurses this week by pausing to say "Thank you!"

Nurses are an important component of Sedgwick, and we have the best nurses in the industry. They are found throughout our organization, providing expertise in liability, disability and leave, workers' compensation, Medicare compliance and care management. Nurses have taken on various roles over the years, not just as caregivers, but also as case managers who work to educate patients and help them focus on how to fully recover. They are experts in applying the medical evidence standards that we know will lead to the highest quality outcomes for the injured workers and clients we serve. Nurses often identify complex situations that need further medical attention.

Nurses are highly sought after for leadership roles, not only because of their clinical expertise, but also because of their life experiences which make them uniquely qualified to solve problems, develop projects, operate independently and manage complex situations.

Take a moment this week to reflect on the importance of nurses in your life. Recognize the valuable role nurses have in society and help us celebrate National Nurses Week by saying "Thank you!"

Dr. Teresa Bartlett, SVP, Medical Director

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