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Affordable Care Act advancements and opportunities


On Wednesday, October 8, I will be presenting at the 2014 Business Insurance Workers Comp & Safety Virtual Conference. I certainly hope you will be able to join us for this great event where I will speak about Affordable Care Act (ACA) advancements and opportunities.

At no other point in our history has healthcare evolved at such a rapid pace. Health reform jump-started much needed transformation with healthcare delivery models, technology and consumer awareness. As a result, there is an abundance of opportunity within the workers’ compensation industry to capitalize on new innovations.

There is so much to discuss; I encourage you to read through this preview and start the dialogue by presenting your questions in our blog’s comments, at the conference or following tomorrow’s discussion by returning to this post or joining the discussion in our LinkedIn group Transforming Healthcare for Tomorrow. Here are some of our key talking points to spark your thought process.

Healthcare delivery models

  • Patient centric – patient-centered care models
  • Physician extenders – care team advancements
  • Accountable care organizations

Digital health solutions

  • Improve access, deliver quality care
  • Expand delivery outside hospital and doctor’s office
  • Anytime, anywhere patient – provider connectivity

Culture of health

American businesses strive to deliver successful customer experiences, improve sales and retain colleagues; creating a culture of heath is one way in which many employers are looking to improve all three. Health policy is driving a higher level of consumer engagement from health plan selection to transparency outcomes data awareness. Likewise, key healthcare stakeholders are focused intensely on patient engagement and advocacy to improve health outcomes. With such emphasis on cultures of health surrounding employees, could workers’ compensation programs benefit from a culture of health model?

We will also look at “claim design considerations” – how you should approach them under the ACA, as well as the opportunities that may present themselves.

As you can see, there is so much to discuss and I can’t wait to exchange ideas on these topics. Please start asking questions now. You can also send me a Tweet @kimberlyanngeo prior to the conference. I look forward to our discussion tomorrow.

Kimberly George, SVP, Senior Healthcare Advisor

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