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Supporting the OneOrlando Fund


The recent tragic events in Orlando, Florida—where 49 people lost their lives and dozens more were wounded in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history—weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. For Sedgwick’s 450-plus colleagues in the greater Orlando area, the impact of the attack hits much closer to home.

As we all struggle to comprehend the scope of the losses for everyone affected, it has been inspiring to see the outpouring of support from around the world for the city of Orlando and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, with which many of the victims identified.

During this difficult time, I have thought a lot about Sedgwick’s commitment to taking care of people because caring counts. At the heart of our business, we intervene in people’s lives when the unexpected occurs and do our best to make things right. While we cannot bring the 49 fallen victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting home, we can support their loved ones and help those injured in the attack to rebuild their lives. To that end, Sedgwick is honored to donate $25,000 to the OneOrlando Fund.

Given our industry’s rich history of charitable giving, it’s no surprise how many Sedgwick colleagues, customers and friends have raised their hands and opened their hearts to help those affected by this tragedy. I encourage anyone still looking for a meaningful way to get involved to join Sedgwick in supporting the OneOrlando Fund.

Shortly after I announced our gift to Sedgwick’s 13,000 colleagues earlier today, I received a heartfelt note from one of our claims representatives in California. He wrote:

"I was almost in tears reading about this charitable donation. The entire LGBT community has been affected by this tragedy. I am so proud to be a part of a company that stands by our community under these horrific circumstances. Thank you so much for helping these families; it is generosity like this from our allies that will help us get through this and give us strength to not cower in fear, but instead stand and be proud of who we are. I have never been happier to work for Sedgwick and hope for a long career with the company."

Sedgwick has never been prouder to lend a helping hand. It is colleagues like these who, day in and day out, help us demonstrate how caring counts.

Dave North, president and CEO, Sedgwick

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