Using data to drive operational solutions

We are just a few days away from the 2016 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference which will be held on August 21 – 24 in Orlando. Once again, I am looking forward to the opportunity to host a panel that is exploring a very important industry topic – Using data to drive operational solutions.


As a part of the Centers for Excellence two-day track, we will kick off with this important topic which will include my fellow panelists Dr. Adam Seidner, National Medical Director, Travelers and  Cliff Belliveau, Vice President, Business Intelligence, myMatrixx.

Using data to drive operational solutions

Our session will dive into how claims management is a data driven business and employers have more powerful tools to manage their programs than ever before.  Insurance carriers, TPAs, and service providers are embracing big data strategies to improve both experience and outcomes for their stakeholders.  The key to creating effective operational solutions is isolating and harnessing the data and information needed to achieve the best performance.  Team scorecards, company dashboards, and prescriptive analytics are only a few of the tools and techniques being applied to develop strategies, direct resources, and evaluate results currently in the industry.  Moreover, machine learning and artificial intelligence are further driving advancements in today’s automated technology world.

Technology continues to move forward at a jaw dropping pace. The advances just since last year’s event would have taken five years or longer to evolve in the past. So how do you harness data to drive operational solutions within your risk and claims program? While this panel doesn’t have all the answers we are all immersed in the use of technology and data to solve issues for some of the most complex organizations in the world. We will share some insights into what you should be considering right now to meet the demand for solutions.

I want to encourage you to post your questions or suggestions here or tweet them @Sedgwick so our panel can be prepared to comment on what is most important to you. .  I look forward to seeing you Tuesday, August 23rd at 1:00 p.m. for the opening session.

Scott Rogers EVP, Casualty Operations, Sedgwick

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