Charting industry trends for 2018

At Sedgwick, our colleagues are dedicated to taking care of our clients and helping them stay informed on key changes and emerging trends in our industry. We recognize that 2018 will be a year of change in a variety of critical business areas.

Sedgwick’s thought leaders believe the changes and trends in the spotlight for 2018 will include important topics such as catastrophe planning and response efforts, policy compliance and drug control efforts, self-service options, improving on opportunities for careers in claims management, diversity and inclusion, interdisciplinary care and technology. We are committed to helping our clients prepare for industry changes by highlighting topics and trends like these that may impact their employees, customers and businesses.

The topics below are part of our Navigating 2018 list and our team will continue to write about and create solutions for them throughout this year in concert with our client partners.

Compounding global risks

  • Reacting to catastrophes
  • Preparing for the threat of emerging risks
  • Protecting first responders

Shifting tide of policy

  • Asserting control over the drug crisis
  • Collaborating for compliance
  • Expanding leave programs

Bridging the gaps

  • Racing toward self-service innovation
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion within claims management
  • Broadening the knowledge and capabilities of today’s claims professional

Leveraging interdisciplinary care

  • Putting whole health into practice
  • Capitalizing on the power of integrated resources
  • Exploring alternatives for pain management

Improving experience through technology

  • Engaging workers throughout their recovery
  • Coding care
  • Moving beyond the predictive model
  • Expanding autonomous claims processing
  • Automating healthcare through artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic processes

To read more visit our Navigating 2018 webpage. Let us know what areas will be most important for your company in 2018. We welcome your feedback.

Kathryn Tazic, Managing Director Client Services, Sedgwick

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