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Culture is our compass

This week, Sedgwick once again experienced a significant milestone in our almost 50-year history with the announcement that The Carlyle Group will become our majority investor. This is the fifth time in the last 20 years we have seen ownership change; each time, our new partners seeing the value of Sedgwick’s long-term stability and the potential for our future. During each transition, the company has experienced continued growth, outpacing our industry and the market, even during the economic downturn of 2008. This time, the announcement of our new investors took place as I spoke to a large gathering of our colleagues from around the globe, representing almost 65 countries and a legacy of cultures tied to our own recent acquisitions, about the importance of culture in an organization – something I believe is a core reason for our continued success.

I share this information knowing our industry is very active in mergers and acquisitions, and realizing many may face uncertain times. I would like to share what I think are five keys to not only surviving, but thriving if you face uncertainty in your job. For Sedgwick, these things are parts of our cultural compass that continues to guide us; you might also find value in them as well.

Culture is our organization’s compass. It guides our…

  • Belief system: Grounded in shared values and stories
  • Structure: Reinforced by the organization’s policies, processes and practices
  • Choices: Evident in thought processes and how we make decisions
  • Relationships: Visible in the interactions we have with each other and with our clients, consumers and the communities where we live and operate  
  • Leadership: Demonstrated by the words and actions of leaders in an organization

This cultural compass has guided Sedgwick in the past, keeping us focused and working together through organizational change, consistently helping us thrive despite challenges in our industry and in the marketplace overall. It will help us stay our course in the future. We will focus on doing what we do best. We know that taking care of people is at the heart of everything we do. Caring counts.®

Whatever your organization’s purpose, find and identify your cultural compass. We are embarking on a new journey at Sedgwick, but we know that, despite change, our culture will continue to guide us and help us adapt. We are well-equipped to continue our success.  

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