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Whirlpool recall continues to make headline

We know the challenges posed by recalls better than anyone. A recall may seem like the end of the story, but the truth is it is only the start. Reaching the consumers who are using your products is incredibly difficult — and even when they are made aware of the problem, they may choose not to comply with the recall and continue to use the affected product.

Earlier this year, Whirlpool launched a full recall due to issues with certain models of Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline tumble dryers.

And now, we have learned that they have recalled some 65,000 appliances since — an impressive feat. However, it is believed that hundreds of thousands are still in homes across the UK. That is despite Whirlpool offering consumers a range of options including a free replacement dryer (with free disposal of the previous unit), a free upgrade of the affected machine, a discounted upgrade or even a partial refund.

While both Whirlpool and the UK authorities would have hoped to have seen a much higher response rate to the recall, it is of course the case that there is little that can be done if a consumer sees a recall warning and chooses to ignore it.

The story continues to make headlines across TV, print and online so it is certainly not the case that this recall has gone under the radar — indeed, it has been one of the most publicised in recent memory. This latest round of media coverage is sure to help increase that 65,000 figure, but it will not be enough to bring this long-running episode to a close.

One added difficulty is that many people will not register their appliances when they take ownership, making it nearly impossible for the manufacturer to directly contact them to make them aware of the potential danger.

Ultimately, responsibility for a successful recall falls to the manufacturer — in this case Whirlpool. They have admitted that they made mistakes along the way, but they are now going above and beyond to remove these appliances from homes up and down the UK. Now, it’s up to consumers to pay heed and contact the company to ensure a safe resolution to the issue.

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