Imagine the possibilities at CAJPA

The California Association of Joint Power Authorities (CAJPA) will host their fall conference September 12-15 in Lake Tahoe, California. This event is a space for over 1,000 pooling professionals from all across the state to connect with general managers, executive directors, board members, workers’ compensation and liability claim managers, risk managers, loss control personnel, business managers, accounting personnel and other joint powers authorities (JPAs) staff.

As we come together for the conference, Sedgwick’s focus is on helping clients and the broader industry imagine what’s possible with the right knowledge, resources and solutions. Sedgwick’s experts will be at booth #P310 throughout the conference and participate in discussions about member involvement and engagement, contract language and insurance requirements in the era of cyber security, and more.

WOW Session: Sifting through the risk-related fallouts of a cyber event

Thursday, Sept 14 | 9:00am – 10:00am

Like most loss events, cyber incidents can impact many different organizational functions far beyond denials of service and related ransoms demands. As organizations strengthen their defense postures, other key areas can benefit from consideration in the pursuit of resilience. This session will explore the emotional, financial, and operational impacts of cyber events as well as outline steps organizations can take to mitigate and manage its impact. Speakers: Marco Guardi, Sedgwick and Beverly Jensen, City of Lodi

Elevating your risk control program to meet the demands of higher retentions

Thursday, Sept 14 | 11:00am – 12:00pm

As the commercial insurance market shifts, low retentions across all lines are becoming more elusive, and this is impacting pools, associations, and other types of risk retention programs. While such programs are generating greater levels of interest, higher hazard risks necessitate new and innovative approaches to controlling risk and exposure. In this session, we will discuss why the shift to higher retentions is occurring and describe various strategies for addressing these new program dynamics. Speakers: Marco Guardi, Sedgwick; Cindy Wilkerson, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority; and Jon Paulsen, Sedgwick

Leveraging and maximizing member involvement and engagement

Thursday, Sept 14 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm

How you participate in your JPA may determine the success of your organization. You can be a member of the JPA, hope everything goes well, pay your premiums, and duck your head…or you can actively shape the JPA’s culture, tap into resources, and help elevate the performance of other members. This panel discussion will focus on the value of member involvement and describe how to take ownership and foster the success of your organization. Speakers: Rob Kramer, Sedgwick; Cheryl Churchill, Housing Authority City of Eureka – County of Humboldt; Beverly Jensen, City of Lodi; and Moderator: Jacquelyn Miller, Sedgwick

Find us at booth #P310 to connect with leaders throughout the conference, but until then...

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We’re here to help you imagine the possibilities. See you soon, California!

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