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April 04, 2022
Jason Keen, AIC, MBA,
executive general adjuster
Roofing fraud: Don’t get nailed

Let’s face it – a commercial roof can be expensive to replace; and like other instances in life, there will be people who attempt to take advantage. After a recent storm, a contractor may see a worn roof in close proximity as a potential revenue stre…

April 04, 2022 by Jason Keen, AIC, MBA, , executive general adjuster
March 30, 2022
Andrew Price
director, staffing solutions
A look into the life of an independent adjuster

When an individual or organization faces a loss, finding the right local expert at a moment’s notice can be challenging. For daily claims and catastrophe (CAT) deployments, our colleagues work hand-in-hand with our network of independent field and de…

March 30, 2022 by Andrew Price, director, staffing solutions
January 27, 2022
Aidan Fitzgerald
MCL marine & engineering adjuster
Onboard a floating city

While it may feel as though modern technology has ‘shrunk’ the world, the ocean is still a vast and isolated space. Ships can be thousands of kilometres from land in any direction, sometimes battling inhospitable conditions, so onboard facilities nee…

January 27, 2022 by Aidan Fitzgerald, MCL marine & engineering adjuster
November 04, 2021
Brian McDonald
ACII APCIP, head of fraud engagement
The challenge for commercial landlords amid COVID-19

Property investors and commercial landlords want and need tenants who will respect and occupy their units while paying the agreed rent on time. That’s a fact. If one tenant leaves, they maintain their investment — generally safe in the knowledg…

November 04, 2021 by Brian McDonald, ACII APCIP, head of fraud engagement
September 04, 2020
Charles McMartin
Director, Regional General Adjuster, Contents Solutions Division
Time and accuracy, scope and cost are critical in contents adjusting

After a commercial or residential property loss, the building’s physical damage is top of mind. But it’s equally as important to consider the contents inside that were likely destroyed and, as a result, unavailable for inspection. For over 30 years,…

September 04, 2020 by Charles McMartin, Director, Regional General Adjuster, Contents Solutions Division
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