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November 17, 2017
Capt. Ruan Desouza
Vice President, Marine, Vericlaim Canada
Safety Concerns with Containerized Cargo and the Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code)

The marine cargo industry has changed significantly over the past few decades, especially the way cargo is transported. Before sea containers were introduced, dry cargoes were usually shipped as break-bulk cargo or in bulk. Break-bulk cargo includes …

November 17, 2017 by Capt. Ruan Desouza, Vice President, Marine, Vericlaim Canada
January 29, 2016
Michael Arbour
Why you should have a business continuity plan

By now you have heard the term El Niño used so much you may be numb as to how it might impact your business in the coming months. The Weather Channel reports the strongest El Niño on record will continue to influence weather through March of this y…

January 29, 2016 by Michael Arbour, CEO
January 19, 2016
Dave North
executive chairman
Sedgwick forecasts 16 industry trends to watch in 2016

As we move into the new year, I am excited about all the great things I believe will happen in our industry. Taking care of people is at the heart of everything we do at Sedgwick – from ensuring injured and ill workers have access to the right heal…

January 19, 2016 by Dave North, executive chairman
October 22, 2015
Ann Gaffey, SVP Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety
Enterprise risk management: Breaking down barriers for real-life application

Healthcare risk managers have the opportunity to engage leaders from across their organizations to think more broadly about maximizing value protection and managing risk that comes with uncertainty through the application of an enterprise risk mana…

October 22, 2015 by Ann Gaffey, SVP Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety
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