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June 02, 2023
Kelly Noonan
VP, business development
Managing occupational hearing loss in the public sector

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 22 million Americans are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work each year. Whether it’s sustained over time, like long-term proximity to sirens or loud machinery, or a one-time eve…

June 02, 2023 by Kelly Noonan, VP, business development
September 12, 2022
David Kessler, D.C., M.H.A. CHCQM, SVP and medical director, Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio (MCO)
Chiropractic care in workers’ compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published the findings of its study on the use of chiropractic care to treat injured workers in the United States suffering from lower back pain. As a chiropractor by training and a longti…

September 12, 2022 by David Kessler, D.C., M.H.A. CHCQM, SVP and medical director, Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio (MCO)
March 03, 2022
The twilight zone: occupational health and safety during COVID-19

Do you remember “The Twilight Zone” that aired on TV in the early 1960s? Its famous theme music instantly drew viewers into the world of the surreal. At the beginning of each episode, Rod Serling spoke of moving into another dimension of sight, sound…

March 03, 2022
July 28, 2016
Mark Debus, Clinical Behavioral Health Specialist
Behavioral health can change "trying" to "doing"!

We see the benefits of behavioral health interventions to get people back to work after a workers’ compensation injury.  Frequently, though, it is has become a valuable service for helping people stay at work after an injury.  Consequence…

July 28, 2016 by Mark Debus, Clinical Behavioral Health Specialist
April 28, 2014
Why employers need to pay more attention to stressed-out employees

Over the past few years, awareness has grown significantly about stress in the workplace. Ask any employee – at any company – and at any position if they have ever felt stressed on the job and they will tell you unequivocally, "yes." In fact, it's s…

April 28, 2014
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