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June 19, 2023
James Norman
international business development director
Intelligent resilience: 3 strategies for persevering through uncertain times

The insurance industry is, of course, not immune to the tumultuous economic climate in which businesses are operating today. Carriers are feeling the adverse impact of the ongoing shocks on their brands, workforce and financial performance. During pe…

June 19, 2023 by James Norman, international business development director
December 10, 2021
Scott Westman
senior vice president, casualty operations
The further we go, the closer we get: Moving ahead in workers’ compensation

The further we get from the start of the pandemic, the more permanent the changes to the world of workers’ compensation become. New industry players have been introduced, business needs have been refined and program practices have evolved. Those who …

December 10, 2021 by Scott Westman, senior vice president, casualty operations
December 09, 2021
Dr. Teresa Bartlett
managing director, senior medical officer
The “new normal” in healthcare

At the height of the pandemic, healthcare resources approached capacity and the industry was under pressure to adapt quickly to changing conditions. As companies consider business strategies for 2022, many conversations center on some of the ways org…

December 09, 2021 by Dr. Teresa Bartlett, managing director, senior medical officer
November 11, 2021
Lisa Frederick
quality assurance manager, Australia
How Sedgwick Australia has improved and elevated claims handling practices during COVID-19

After an extended battle with COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown, Australia is slowly beginning to lessen border restrictions and reopen its economy. A federal roadmap led the way — supported by an underlying framework created by the states and …

November 11, 2021 by Lisa Frederick, quality assurance manager, Australia
November 08, 2021
Leon Briggs
head of property & national executive adjuster, Australia
COVID-19 Australia update: Surprises in the detail of the Second Test Case Judgment

In most court decisions there can be surprises, and one could say that the decision of Jagot J in the Second COVID-19 Insurance Test Case had its own share of the unexpected. In reviewing the decision in the Second Test Cases, the aspects that relate…

November 08, 2021 by Leon Briggs, head of property & national executive adjuster, Australia
November 04, 2021
Brian McDonald
ACII APCIP, head of fraud engagement
The challenge for commercial landlords amid COVID-19

Property investors and commercial landlords want and need tenants who will respect and occupy their units while paying the agreed rent on time. That’s a fact. If one tenant leaves, they maintain their investment — generally safe in the knowledg…

November 04, 2021 by Brian McDonald, ACII APCIP, head of fraud engagement
October 31, 2021
Diego Ascani
Chief executive officer, Australia
Evolving workforce challenges in Australia: Local needs and global solutions

With its wide array of mountains, rain forests, beaches and deserts, Australia offers wide interest and appeal to those from around the world. The impact of the pandemic has changed our lives, work and the vacation destination on a scale never seen b…

October 31, 2021 by Diego Ascani, Chief executive officer, Australia
October 21, 2021
Kimberley Daley
Head of professional services Australia
Australia update: Business interruption policy response to COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, there has been intense interest in the extent to which business interruption policies would respond to claims for business losses arising from COVID-19. In September 2020, Sedgwick published an extensive…

October 21, 2021 by Kimberley Daley, Head of professional services Australia
October 21, 2021
Meg Rothenberg
Director of premium audit
Agility in action: Communication changes in audit services

Regardless of your role, industry or expertise — the stress of the past nearly two years has changed the way we communicate. As our personal and professional needs evolve, it can take time to adjust to new technologies and methods of communicat…

October 21, 2021 by Meg Rothenberg, Director of premium audit
October 14, 2021
Andrew Berg
AVP, Operations
Mental health-related absence: Trends and predictions

Employee mental health is becoming a greater focus among business leaders as it can significantly impact organizational productivity and performance. Production demands, financial worries and chronic pain — not to mention the uncertainty around…

October 14, 2021 by Andrew Berg, AVP, Operations
September 02, 2021
Rich Wirth
Senior vice president specialty operations
Returning to on-site loss control at the workplace

Prior to COVID-19, risk and underwriting assessments, consultative and specialty services, and safety trainings were primarily completed on-site. But when many businesses shut down in April and May of 2020, physical loss control services saw a dramat…

September 02, 2021 by Rich Wirth, Senior vice president specialty operations
July 29, 2021
Beth Burry-Jackson, MA, CRC, ARM, SVP, case management, clinically integrated programs and Kimberly Culver, MSN, RN, RDMS, RT(R), director of clinical pharmacy
Long-haul cases demand attention – and now ADA coverage

The mention of long-haul COVID-19 cases and their impact on the workplace has surged to the top of many discussions — even at the highest levels of government; as of this week, long COVID is now a recognized, protected condition under the Ameri…

July 29, 2021 by Beth Burry-Jackson, MA, CRC, ARM, SVP, case management, clinically integrated programs and Kimberly Culver, MSN, RN, RDMS, RT(R), director of clinical pharmacy
July 08, 2021
Michelle Hay
Global chief people officer
The workplace of the future

The widespread work-at-home transition ushered in by the COVID era has shined the spotlight on big-picture questions about how and where we work. What is the role of the office in the future state of the “new normal”? In my view, there is no one-si…

July 08, 2021 by Michelle Hay, Global chief people officer
June 11, 2021
Mark Buckingham
New European report identifies rising product recall trends across five major sectors

2020 was undoubtedly one of the most turbulent times for Europe’s manufacturers and retailers. As they fought to innovate, while maintaining standards, performance and compliance, they faced continuous COVID disruption in supply chains, production an…

June 11, 2021 by Mark Buckingham
April 26, 2021
Bryon Bass, SVP workforce absence and Max Koonce, chief claims officer
Claims and COVID-19: The trends you should know about

As we all reflect on the events that transpired in 2020, now is the time to lean on the lessons learned so we can move forward together. To shed light on the size and scope of claims activity related to the pandemic — from both an occupational …

April 26, 2021 by Bryon Bass, SVP workforce absence and Max Koonce, chief claims officer
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