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May 04, 2023
Kim Krauss
managing director, global marketing and communications
Imagine a world where caring counts

At Sedgwick, we have a longtime commitment to supporting communities around the world through our corporate giving efforts. Every year at RIMS, we have the opportunity to build on our efforts by partnering with charities that align with our caring co…

May 04, 2023 by Kim Krauss, managing director, global marketing and communications
May 03, 2023
Chris Harvey
VP, crisis solution
Product recall: Not a question of if… but when

When their products’ safety comes into question, time is everything for the thousands of companies that endure product recalls each year. With public safety and financial and reputational damage at stake, decisions need to be made quickly. A fast but…

May 03, 2023 by Chris Harvey, VP, crisis solution
May 03, 2023
Max Koonce
chief claims officer
Bouncing back with authority: resiliency and the evolution of risk management

We’ve known it all along, but it took a global pandemic to drive the lesson home: Resiliency and adaptability are the cornerstones of a successful risk management program. At this week’s RISKWORLD®, the 2023 RIMS conference and exhibition, we had the…

May 03, 2023 by Max Koonce, chief claims officer
May 01, 2023
Kimberly George
global head, innovation and product development
Wellness ZENter: Imagine the possibilities for your health, wellness and productivity

Ahead of the annual RIMS RISKWORLD Conference and Exhibition — and throughout the year — we all invest considerable time, effort and resources to find solutions and ideas to improve the well-being of our organizations and the people who s…

May 01, 2023 by Kimberly George, global head, innovation and product development
April 27, 2023
Bob Peterson
Imagine the possibilities at RIMS 2023

As we come together for RIMS’ RISKWORLD conference April 30 – May 3, Sedgwick’s focus is on helping clients and the broader industry imagine what’s possible with the right knowledge, resources and solutions. There will be many opportunities to engage…

April 27, 2023 by Bob Peterson, president
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