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Grow as individuals

Why do our colleagues think Sedgwick is a great place to work?


 In our new video series, "Claim your future as a great performer," colleagues from across the country discuss how they have built their careers at Sedgwick.


Sheila, a senior disability representative from Texas, talks about how her colleagues and the people on disability who she helps every day drive her to go above and beyond the call of duty in her job at Sedgwick. play video >
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Hear why colleagues throughout the company believe Sedgwick's core values help them "grow as individuals."

I try to look at at least one thing with fresh eyes each day. The desire to learn is a way of life for me.  It’s an exciting and continuous process with wonderful rewards including personal growth and success across careers. Real learning also requires an open mind and the courage to ask for assistance from all the teachers around me—my colleagues and managers! Sedgwick University and the portal also provide many building blocks for learning as well. Taking the LEAD program recently has also truly enriched my work life. The best message I received from this fantastic program was that the love of learning is the best quality a colleague can possess.
   Marie T., senior professional liability claims specialist / Melville, N.Y 
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