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We believe, “once you’ve seen one’ve seen one program.” Whether the program is an association representing tattoo artists, a large captive consolidating restaurant franchisees, or a group of regional truckers banding together to lower liability rates, each and every program is unique and consequently every claim program is, or should be, unique.

At Sedgwick, we know how to effectively create and manage a claims program for any type of insurance facility involving multiple policyholders. After 40-plus years in the industry, we have become experts at figuring out how to effectively manage claims. Through our interactions with clients of all types, we have tried many approaches and learned from our efforts. If we haven’t done exactly what you’re looking for, chances are we have similar experiences we can draw upon to create a custom solution that produces exceptional results.

It’s because of this commitment and expertise that today we are one of the largest providers of program business claims services in the industry.

Understanding client needs
We start with getting to know the program and your clients’ needs – their philosophy – and unique market challenges and opportunities. Then, we customize solutions to help our clients achieve the desired goals.  We provide much more than simple claims administration. We recognize that to effectively manage programs, it takes excellent customer service including education, support, and a willingness to help claimants understand the process; combined with a real understanding of specific businesses and industries.

We offer to program business clients:
  • Industry leading technology
  • Ability to track multiple policyholders
  • Education and support for your insureds/policyholders
  • Customized claims handling – a commitment to managing claims your way
  • System access so you can check on status of claims
  • Ability to integrate complementary services
  • A full range of claims management solutions