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The question facing countless corporations today: how do we build relationships that will help us generate revenue, create brand loyalty and keep us connected to our customers? Many of the world’s leading corporations have solved their customer care dilemmas through programs that provide product enhancements and services that result in meaningful customer connections.

Sedgwick offers completely customized credit card, warranty and loyalty solutions that create a long-lasting bond between you and your customers. We become the gateway for all your customer service-related objectives and needs by developing brand-building products that generate incremental revenue; create powerful reward and loyalty programs; ensure brand affinity; and maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

We help our clients achieve their goals through customer-facing telephonic and web interfaces, front-line customer service, extended warranty services, the industry’s broadest range of protection products, and a variety of other programs and services that help you better connect with your customers. And we can offer these services as private label or under the Sedgwick name.

When your customer calls to enroll, make a claim or seek fulfillment, we provide a service-oriented experience that will delight your customer, achieve your business goals and capture invaluable business intelligence utilizing our full suite of resources.

Areas where we are uniquely positioned to add value to your brand include:

• extended warranty
• accidental damage protection

• rental auto collision damage waiver
• delayed and lost baggage
• trip delay/trip cancellation
• travel expense reimbursement

Accident and health
• AD&D
• personal accident
• travel accident

• personal property/personal effects
• identity theft