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At any point in time, the average large employer has 20% of their employees absent from work due to an active family and medical leave (FML), disability, workers’ compensation or other type of absence request. The impact of unscheduled employee absence on American business has been estimated at $74 billion or as much as 36% of payroll. And that’s a drain on everyone.
As the largest provider of self-funded disability solutions, we can offer a combination of services that cover every possible time away from work scenario including short-term and long-term disability, FML and leave of absence administration, and workers’ compensation. Our integrated programs provide a high degree of customer service and return employees to work quickly and appropriately. We are the only administrator with a solid focus on tailoring our occupational and non-occupational services to the unique needs of each client. And after just one year of working with our clients we typically see a 15-20% reduction of unnecessary absence. Our team of more than 2,500 disability and leave experts not only ensures compliance with the myriad of complex federal laws governing disability and FML, but they treat each employee with compassion and respect and act as their advocate during the disability or leave process.
Administration services:
• Sick time
• Vacation
• State, Federal and municipality leave such as FMLA
• Short-term disability
• Long-term disability
• Military service