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Over the past few years, the liability claims world has experienced what many would call an evolution; some even a revolution. Complex and far-reaching changes in Medicare compliance and rules, as well as the dramatic and rapidly changing landscape of American business, have resulted in increasing claim frequency, litigation and the need for greater knowledge, insight and innovation.

Increasing claim severity and litigation have intensified the need to innovate within the liability claim world. Government regulations regarding Medicare reporting are forcing our industry to better scrutinize the information gathered at the time of a loss and even how we address day-to-day liability claim issues and meticulously follow a myriad of reporting rules.

Sedgwick knows that businesses are looking for real solutions and partners who can provide expert advice and analysis, as well as more effective programs and optimal results. With one of the largest teams of liability experts in the nation, Sedgwick stands ready to support and resolve the challenges employers face every day.

We invite you to explore our world of liability solutions and learn how Sedgwick is meeting the diverse needs of U.S. businesses and organizations.