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When it comes to product liability and recall claims, the headlines often sound grim. Sensationalized reports about product defects and the damage they’ve caused — whether real or perceived — grab the public’s attention and may obscure important facts or worse yet, the truth. Product manufacturers know there’s always more to the story than the headlines, but the consequences they suffer can be devastating nonetheless.

The intangible damage is bad enough, but the economic consequences can be even more debilitating, whether it’s a high profile claim or the erosive trickle of smaller, repetitive claims.

To help bring balance to the situation and to assist manufacturers in dealing more effectively with the challenges of product liability and recall, Sedgwick has made product liability claims management a highly specialized area of service. We understand the impact of the consequences and we completely support our clients’ unwavering need to defend their brands and their corporations from unfounded, untrue, or unsubstantiated claims.

If a product is found to be defective, we are also able to support large scale product recall efforts. Product recalls can be either involuntary or voluntary. Involuntary recalls are mandated by governmental agencies with prescribed regulations and procedures that must be followed. Voluntary recall decisions are made by companies acting independently when circumstances dictate. Sedgwick professionals provide expert assistance and services in both instances including defect analysis, hazard analysis, regulatory reporting and compliance consulting, and corrective action program development.

Why choose Sedgwick?
Clients choose Sedgwick because of our highly structured, tightly coordinated, and expertly managed approach to product liability claims management. They choose us because of our cohesive, consistent service delivery from the inception of a claim through to its successful resolution. With our industry-focused approach to each claim, our depth of technical expertise, our proven success in resolving complex product liability claims, and our nationwide presence, Sedgwick offers the ideal solution for any company in need of product liability and recall claims management.