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There is a lot of uncertainty in the healthcare marketplace today. How will healthcare reform impact your business model? Will it be more difficult to ensure compliance? Will the economy continue to rebound? And if it does, how can healthcare organizations best adapt to the changes?

This much is certain: healthcare risk managers are being pushed as never before to find innovative ways to reduce risk, ensure compliance, prevent adverse events and find new ways to do more with less.

At Sedgwick, we deliver customized, performance-based professional liability claims and risk management solutions. Where you see healthcare risk, we see an opportunity to provide a highly innovative service to reduce costs, maximize resources and achieve a financially sound professional liability claims management program.

Our professional liability experts have clinical, insurance and legal backgrounds and are able to reduce liability costs, maximize resources and produce financially sound claims management programs. Our strong clinical focus enables us to identify exposures earlier, develop sound strategic defenses and communicate effectively with the providers and their counsel. Our insurance and claims expertise also allows us to help our clients set reserves that reflect case exposure and explore traditional or alternative methods of claim resolution, even before a lawsuit is filed.

Our services include:
•  Claims management
•  Investigations
•  Senior services
•  Auditing & consulting
•  Healthcare patient safety
•  MMSEA 111 Reporting
•  Errors & omissions
•  Medicare compliance