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benchmarking & stewardship 
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Sedgwick’s innovative combination of data, technology and industry expertise helps our clients uncover the trends that lead to successful claims resolution. Most current predictive modeling techniques try to identify patterns that, if not acted upon, will repeat. Sedgwick customizes that basic approach further by using the client’s own data to provide a richer and more meaningful analysis of their claim information, resulting in strong, successful and effective programs.
In addition, Sedgwick tailors each client’s data and validate the scoring thresholds specific to the client. This is one of the primary differentiators of Sedgwick’s predictive analytics program and our overall approach to claims management.
When it comes to predictive modeling, we have a team of dedicated experts along with the tools and resources to help our clients reduce costs and mitigate future claims.
Benefits of predictive modeling:
  • Provides better program insight
  • Highlights what has worked on other programs providing a valuable benchmark against an industry, jurisdiction, or other category as defined by the client
  • Creates opportunities and discussion points for how to evolve the program, and what has worked for others
  • Improved outcomes, efficiencies, and program savings