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emergency response 
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 If a catastrophic accident occurs, employers need an experienced partner ready to help minimize their legal exposure, reduce damages, and provide injury assistance. They need the Sedgwick emergency response team.

We will implement an emergency response plan to quickly respond to the situation. Our team includes a national network comprised of individuals and companies in place and ready to immediately respond to any client loss.

We are available 24 hours a day/seven days a week to assist clients in emergency situations, such as car and commercial vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, and construction and environmental disasters.

The Sedgwick emergency response team will get the right people to the loss site immediately, assess the situation, and provide legal protection for the client to help minimize their liability and exposure.

How does it work?
Our emergency response team will immediately begin an investigation of the loss scene, complete evidence collection and scene preservation, and then analyze all collected evidence and information to develop a preliminary determination of the client’s liability and exposure. When a loss is reported, Sedgwick’s team will ensure clients are protected and all of the appropriate steps are completed.

Our dedicated team includes:

  • Sedgwick emergency response call center;
  • Sedgwick program manager;
  • Emergency response unit;
  • Field adjusters;
  • Accident re-constructionists;
  • Local defense counsel;
  • Engineers;
  • Safety experts;
  • Nurse practitioners;
  • Environmental response technicians
  • Crises care experts
  • Media response team
  • Aerial photographer
  • Vehicle and property removal and security staff