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healthcare patient safety 
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The world of healthcare risk management is on the verge of dramatic change. Those who embrace change will lead the way in helping their organizations meet the new healthcare paradigm, emphasizing reduced medical errors and increased patient safety. Those who don’t will find themselves left behind.

Sedgwick’s healthcare risk management and patient safety consultants use proactive risk assessments, data analytics, compliance studies and loss control metrics. In partnership with our healthcare clients, we help to improve their performance by preventing medical errors and omissions that can result in patient injuries and financial losses. Using expertise gained from real-world experience, we focus on the high-risk clinical areas that impact safety and increase risk exposure. We then take our insights and ensure they are integrated across the applicable enterprise risk management (ERM) domains.

Once we thoroughly understand your needs, teams of dedicated professionals with clinical, insurance, risk management/patient safety and legal backgrounds use their collective knowledge to create programs that can help you reduce financial loss from liability or lack of reimbursement while maximizing resources.

Our key service areas include:

  • Risk management assessment and program implementation;
  • Clinical risk management review and collaboratives;
  • Patient safety programs and reliability science;
  • ERM methods
  • Quality improvement audits, evaluation and structure design
  • Professional development – education, mentoring and coaching
  • Physician practice support – resources and consultant hotline