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managed care 
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Integrated services
- emergency response
- healthcare patient safety
- intake and customer service
- loss prevention
- managed care
provider benchmarking
clinical consultation
utilization review
telephonic case mgmt
field case mgmt
behavioral health
return to work
catastrophic case mgmt
pharmaceutical overview
network solutions
bill review
- Medicare compliance
- OSHA compliance
- special investigation unit
- subrogation & recovery
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Sedgwick’s managed care services offer the best quality and value of care in the industry. Our integrated approach, including comprehensive managed care and claims services, are customized to meet the needs of each client and injured employee.
From the instant the first call is made, to the time one of our nurses follows up soon after an accident occurs, to the moment our examiner closes the claim, each service we provide is truly connected.
Our comprehensive managed care and claims services include:
  • Healthcare stewardship - We ensure that injured employees receive top quality care from medical providers associated with proven quality results, safe return to work practices, and effective cost controls. Sedgwick's industry leading healthcare philosophy is strengthened through our provider benchmarking system to ensure positive  outcomes, utilizing the latest technology and an efficient integrated services platform.
  • Clinical solutions - One of the best opportunities to mitigate client claim costs and improve clinical outcomes is to engage the right solutions in a timely manner. Our clinical consultation processes ensures injured workers are directed to appropriate care at the time of injury.  Sedgwick's utilization review program ensures the best level of care is provided throughout the worker's recovery at the appropriate cost. Through telephonic case management and pharmaceutical usage overview, we verify that factors that can complicate a case or prolong the recovery time are firmly controlled. 
  • Network solutions - We combine best in class, in-house managed care services with customized private label programs we co-created with national preferred partners. This allows us to offer clients streamlined access, top quality outcomes, and significant discounts—while maintaining management oversight, quality, and ownership for state reporting. Read more>
  • Bill review - Our national bill review program maximizes savings for clients in the most efficient way possible—it’s a unique solution with proven results unmatched in the industry. Sedgwick’s excellence is highlighted by the fact that Sedgwick has not experienced a contract termination due to bill review services in the last five years. Read more>


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