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In the world of healthcare today, quality is NOT one of those esoteric characteristics that you “know when you see.” Quality can and must be quantified, measured, and demonstrated. But defining quality can be difficult – quality according to whom, to what standards and most importantly, to what end?

While the industry continues to focus on solutions to further expand provider networks, Sedgwick recognized early on that the most effective workers’ compensation programs begin with medical providers who are committed to outstanding results while managing costs, and meeting the needs of injured workers and their employers. As the old adage says, “it’s quality, not quantity.” We demonstrate our leadership not in what we say – but in what we do. Sedgwick is one of the first in the industry to create a quantitative methodology to measure the quality of care provided by clinicians caring for injured workers and to use that knowledge to build superior networks. The Sedgwick 5-star provider benchmarking program enables our customers and colleagues to search for providers who achieve the most successful claims outcomes. The program features:
  • Physician outcome score viewed with a 1 to 5 star score/ranking;
  • Medication safety alert indicator in the Sedgwick provider benchmarking and search tool, which identifies providers associated with adverse drug utilization trends or the prescribing of narcotics outside standards of care;
  • Provider education and communication;
  • State by state quality care solutions;
  • Customizable solutions for clients.
Sedgwick also provides specialty network solutions including the Texas health care network (HCN) and California medical provider network (MPN).

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