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pharmaceutical overview 
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Pharmacy costs are a major cost center in the treatment of injured employees. These costs are driven partly by use of compounded medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and opioid painkillers. With escalating drug costs, utilization is more important than simply looking at the individual cost of a drug. Sedgwick focuses first on the health and safety of our clients’ employees. Our clinical pharmacy team works diligently to educate medical providers to ensure that they make the best prescribing decisions, while our robust pharmacy management and pharmacy utilization review programs ensure that the maximum benefit is received from drug therapies. Sedgwick’s targeted interventions resulted in a 27% decrease in overall client drug spend. Read more to learn how Sedgwick pharmacy services can make a difference for you.
  • Pharmacy utilization review - 56% of injured workers are prescribed opioids, creating significant challenges for employers and employees alike. At a cost of more than $1.4 billion annually, opioids have rapidly become one of the highest cost therapeutic categories for workers’ compensation injuries. In addition to drug cost concerns for employers, these drugs present serious patient safety issues and are a major contributor to lengthy claims and lost productivity. Sedgwick’s aggressive approach helps clients address the growing problem of escalating pharmacy costs and opioid abuse. Our specialty pharmacy nurses ensure that prescribing patterns are in line with evidence-based guidelines, while our expert clinical team is dedicated to improving opioid management in complex cases. In 2015, Sedgwick’s pharmacy utilization review program decreased the overall number of drugs prescribed by 32%, while decreasing use of morphine equivalent doses by 50%. Learn how Sedgwick can help you prevent chronic and dependency issues before they start, while ensuring employees receive optimal therapy to facilitate recovery.
  • Complex pharmacy management - Managing the complex process of ensuring effective pharmaceutical treatment for the injured worker is a daunting task, which is why clients request Sedgwick’s complex pharmacy management solutions. Our difference is that we go beyond the basics and take a more holistic approach that recognizes the need to help injured employees get the medications they need quickly, and ensure they receive the appropriate guidance and support to keep them on a safe path to recovery. Sedgwick’s team of physicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy nurses prioritize patient safety through evaluation of medication goals, weaning plans, and drug testing in collaboration with the prescribing physician. As the industry leader, Sedgwick shares best practices through conference, articles, and other venues. Clients utilizing our complex pharmacy program enjoy a 13:1 return on investment with a 27% decrease in the number of injured employees using opioids. Contact Sedgwick today to learn more about how our program can help you manage costs while providing optimal safety for injured employees.