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subrogation & recovery 
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It’s estimated each year U.S. businesses lose tens of millions of dollars paying liability or workers’ compensation claims that – at least in part – should be paid by a responsible third party. In this time of rising costs and eroding profit margins, Sedgwick’s goal is to ensure our clients have the best recovery results possible and, at the same time, to minimize recovery-related expenses.

Challenges of today
Over the past few years, subrogation has become increasingly complex. One of the challenges with subrogation today is that it brings with the process considerable jurisdictional variation, making it difficult for the average third party administrator (TPA) or examiner to unravel and identify potential subrogation opportunities.

Today, every state has its own regulations, operational processes and guidelines. Some states have not only their own jurisdictional variations, but also subtle differences in how municipalities and counties govern subrogation – from the formulas used to determine recovery to the overall amount of the subrogation.

Because of this complexity, and the time required to fully investigate subrogation, many TPAs choose not to aggressively pursue it – or only conduct a basic review.

A better approach to subrogation
Sedgwick’s approach is different. We know that every dollar matters to our clients. Our focus is on exploring every possible subrogation opportunity available through our team of recognized industry experts – one of the largest, highly credentialed and stable subrogation teams in the nation.