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CAT response services: Cristobal strikes with tropical storm strength

Cristobal struck with tropical storm strength on Sunday, causing heavy rain and storm surge along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and parts of the western area of the Florida panhandle. Forecasters predict up to 12 inches of rain in some areas and warn that rivers could flood in the central Gulf Coast and up into the Mississippi Valley. 

The severe weather also spawned tornados in Florida, including an F1 tornado reported southeast of downtown Orlando, damaging multiple buildings and displacing residents. Another tornado was reported south of Lake City along with possible tornados spotted across the northern sections of central Florida. Cristobal was downgraded to a tropical depression early this morning and is expected to turn north tonight, picking up speed Tuesday as it approaches Wisconsin by Wednesday.

The devastation is compounded by COVID-19 restrictions. Sedgwick would like to ensure that our clients know we are here to help. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our property team listed below.

Catastrophe contacts:  John Gragson, senior vice president, catastrophe    469.986.7064  |   

Ronnie Adcock, senior vice president, southwest region    214.435.8951  | 

Clay Humphries, senior vice president, southeast region    615.310.3255  | 

David Armstrong, senior vice president, midwest region    331.305.0587  |

Gail Oliver, senior vice president, sales and marketing    302.521.4985  | 


To report claims, contact our CAT intake center for immediate setup and assignment. 800.479.9188  | 

For more CAT news and information on our planning and response solutions, visit our 2020 CAT Resource Center.

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