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CAT response services: Earthquake hits Utah

This morning, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit about 10 miles west of Salt Lake City, near the city of Magna. This is the state's most powerful earthquake since 1992. Damage has caused power outages for about 55,000 people, gas leaks, damage to multiple buildings, operations to stop at Salt Lake City International Airport and a chemical spill at Kennecott. According to officials, the earthquake also halted work at the state's public health lab as the building is assessed for damage amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the USGS, several aftershocks have been recorded within 20 minutes of the main earthquake, and more may be likely. Sedgwick would like to ensure that our clients know we are here to help. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our property team listed below.

Utah earthquake interactive map
Source: USGS interactive map; click here to view

Catastrophe contacts: 

John Gragson, Senior Vice President  Catastrophe  469.986.7064  |   

Barry Lorenz, Senior Vice President, Regional 602.330.2883 |

Gail Oliver, Senior Vice President  Sales and Marketing  302.521.4985  | 

To report claims, contact our CAT Intake Center for immediate set up and assignment. 800.479.9188  |

In addition to our adjusting services, we offer building consulting, contents solutions and forensic advisory services — as well as engineering — to assist you and your insureds. We have a principal structural engineer based in Utah and eight Utah registered engineers en route to Salt Lake City. For more information, contact Juan Carlos Araiza, Principal Engineer and Vice President, Large/Complex Loss, at 512.239.9238 or To submit a claim, go to

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