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CAT response services: Floods and landslides hit New Zealand’s Far North

New Zealand’s Far North was hit hard with a once-in-500-years storm, leaving much of Northland flooded. The worst affected areas received over 250mm of rain in 24 hours, forcing residents to evacuate their homes, farms and businesses due to flooding. The heavy rainfall also caused slips, landslides and uprooted trees, forcing road closures.

Whangarei District suffered a lot of damage and, with water draining off sodden farmland, a large slip closed a stretch of State Highway 1 through the Mangamuka Gorge. Water treatment plants were also damaged, limiting water supplies. Civil Defence Northland said some places saw significant damage with some of the repairs requiring detailed engineering and planning.

Northland expects more rain to come, triggering the possibility of additional flooding.

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