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CAT response services: Molave intensifies into typhoon

Molave made landfall in the Philippines on Sunday, causing nearly 9,000 people to evacuate and bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Local authorities reported damaged roads and bridges, flooding and landslides. The storm then intensified into a typhoon as it moved westward and made landfall over San Miguel Island and a second landfall on Malinao municipality, both in Albay province. Molave is the 17th typhoon to hit the Philippines this year. It follows last week’s Tropical Storm Saudel, which caused widespread flooding southeast of the capital Manila.

Now, Molave is heading to Vietnam, where it’s forecast to make landfall on Wednesday with expected wind speeds of up to 135 kph. The country is preparing to evacuate 1.3 million people. It will be the fourth storm to hit the country this month, causing more devastation in a country with a lack of time between events to recover.

We are at your side to help you. Sedgwick would like to ensure that our clients know we are here to help and are ready to provide emergency assistance in the region.

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