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New white paper on liability litigation trends and best practices

Over the last decade, business has placed tremendous focus on improving the safety of their products, their establishments and the services they provide to their customers. They have taken advantage of data, technology and enhanced risk management practices driving safety and quality for their respective companies. Despite this focus and its success, we continue to see, read and hear about extreme verdicts, social inflation and “hell hole jurisdictions” in the liability arena. The question is what more can be done? 

Our thought leaders, Allison Daly and Chris Mandel, analyzed the trends in liability and auto losses, both litigated and non-litigated, to uncover several key findings, emerging tactics and best practices for litigation. We’re pleased to share these insights with you to help reduce the number of claims that drive oversized verdicts while ensuring an appropriate approach to dispute resolution. Learn more in our executive summary or take a deeper dive through the white paper.

Executive summary

White paper

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