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CAT response services: Sedgwick's yacht surveyors/adjusters are ready for Hurricane Isaias

Hurricane Isaias is brewing and forecasted to impact the islands of the northern Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. with heavy rain, winds and building seas. With hurricane season upon us and activity in the Atlantic starting to heat up, Sedgwick has formulated and enacted a comprehensive and strategic operation and response plan in order to be able to service all our clients’ needs in the industry with regard to large and small yachts, commercial vessels and watercraft.

Sedgwick has an assembled, dedicated team of marine/yacht surveyors tactically located throughout Florida, the east coast states and the Gulf states so as to have coverage anywhere that may be impacted by impending hurricanes and other tropical systems. Our footprint covers all areas that may be impacted, and we have the ability to be on scene immediately following any CAT event, boots on the ground. This allows us to provide a comprehensive and elite level of service which cumulates in mitigating overall losses due to our expertise in the field, ability to be on scene within hours after the storm and firsthand knowledge and experience with all aspects when handling large and small losses and large claim volumes as related to CAT events.

Our primary base of operations is located in southeast Florida, and the Yacht Practice team remains on standby and ready to assist with any scope of loss, both in the surveying and adjusting fields.

Assignments can be emailed to, and we look forward to assisting you!

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Image source: NOAA

Catastrophe contacts:

Revel Boulon | senior marine surveyor, yacht practice leader | P. 561.531.2106

Ronnie Adcock | senior vice president | P. 214.435.8951

Darin Miller | national marine manager | P. 713.557.7059

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