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Sedgwick’s comprehensive managed care services now available as an independent offering

Insurance carriers and employers have a new choice in managed care solutions

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 6, 2022 – Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, is now offering its well-established managed care solutions independent of claims administration. These solutions provide the insurance industry and employers with additional choices for administering care for their employees and policyholders.

Knowing that insurance carriers and employers have different systems, needs and workflows, Sedgwick’s independent managed care solutions give clients the power to choose just one or several from our full suite of services — including comprehensive bill review, clinical and return-to-work solutions — to help with controlling costs, managing processes, and providing timely and effective care to employees and insureds. Whether complementing an existing program or standing up a fully integrated approach, Sedgwick’s suite of managed care solutions provides a new choice.

Sedgwick offers a range of managed care services from which clients can choose. Cost containment solutions encompass medical bill review, complex review, nurse audit and bill negotiations. Within clinical care, solutions include nurse triage, case management, surgery nurse services, behavioral health, pharmacy management, transition work services, vocational return-to-work services and utilization review. Organizations can also benefit from utilizing Sedgwick’s national preferred provider organization (PPO) and ancillary care networks, which include tens of thousands of high-quality providers, to meet program needs and expedite access to care.

“Carriers and employers need a trusted managed care partner to help with the right care and coordination solutions for insureds and employees — from clinical case management to networks and support,” said Andrea Buhl, Sedgwick’s president of managed care. “Our independent offering brings our 20-plus years of experience as a leading managed care provider to a new audience, giving clients flexible and customized access to our full suite of solutions.”

For more information on Sedgwick’s managed care offerings, see “the power of choice.”

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