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NWCD2014 educational sessions 
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/ > News & information > NWCD2014 educational sessions
Sedgwick thought leaders will be participating in the following educational sessions at the 2014 National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference. Don't miss these great sessions.
  • The Productivity Challenge: Engaging Injured, Absent and Disconnected Workers
    Wednesday, November 19, 2014 | 11:00 to 12:15
    Panelists: Kevin Confetti, Employment Practices & Workers' Compensation, University of California; Teresa Bartlett, M.D., SVP, Medical Quality, Sedgwick

    Session Description:

    Managing workplace absences is as much an art as a science. Whether due to injury or disability, occupational or non-occupational problems, or personal challenges that render employees unproductive, the results are the same: less than optimal output for the employer. Find out how to integrate your health, wellness, safety and quality care programs as Ms. Bartlett and Mr. Confetti share a comprehensive employee-centric model that has been shown to engage injured, absent and disconnected workers and produce dividends for employers.

    Session Takeaways: 
    • Identify ways to lessen the drain on workplace productivity 
    • Demonstrate the direct linkage between health, safety and wellness, quality care, employee engagement, and productivity 
    • Compare traditional programs with those being integrated and expanded to improve performance

  • How Diversity Impacts Workers’ Compensation and Disability Strategies
    Thursday, November 20, 2014 | 1:30 to 2:45
    Panelists:  Jennifer De La Torre, Executive Director, Workforce Diversity, AT&T; Elizabeth Demaret, EVP, Chief Customer Relationship Officer, Sedgwick

    Session Description:
    The increasing diversity in today’s workforce is impacting the way companies conduct business. Workers today exhibit a range of differences in age, race, religion, gender and physical abilities, with each individual providing a unique contribution to the products and services delivered. Ms. De La Torre and Ms. Demaret will address some of the diversity shifts in the workforce, offer you strategies for managing these differences, and examine the impact diversity has on workers’ comp and disability programs.

    Session Takeaways:
    • Explain the diversity and composition of today’s workforce
    • Describe how diversity impacts workplace strategies
    • Examine in what ways diversity influences workers’ comp and disability strategies
    • Detect ways to capitalize on diversity and improve productivity