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 Regulation transformations
REgulation transformations


Employers will continue to manage compliance-related issues as they respond to ongoing changes in the ADA/ADAAA, FMLA, and other federal and state laws impacting our industry. Political reorganization and shifting administrative priorities may also create regulatory shifts for OSHA and the EEOC.

Navigating regulatory changes

Assessing the impact of provisions introduced by newly-elected officials from the federal and state level in the areas of healthcare, workers’ compensation and parental leave will be on the forefront. It will be necessary to monitor newly-introduced legislation in key states such as California, New York and Florida to determine how best to respond and comply with new regulations.

Workers’ compensation strategies

Primary steps among industry leaders include finding common ground and developing strategies focused on benefiting all key stakeholders. Those who favor a federal workers’ compensation option point to inconsistent benefits, rules and regulations among the states. Others believe the state systems have proven to be effective and simply need to be updated. By understanding what should be changed or replicated, legislators can work to revitalize workers’ compensation and help ensure that it continues to fulfill its original purpose.

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