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 Risk circumventions
Risk circumventions

Crisis plans

Building resiliency through new predictive models in pre-catastrophic events and utilizing new technologies in post-disaster recoveries is on the minds of many employers. Whether the emergency is natural or man-made, cyber- or product-related, or a supply chain interruption, having the right pre-catastrophe plan in place continues to be a discussion among employers, brokers, carriers and payers.

Geo risks

More organizations are likely to consider an enterprise-wide response to growing political, economic and global risks as customer markets expand. There is also an increasing need to address travel risks for employees servicing global customers on a short-term or interim basis, and ensure preparedness plans are in place.

Talent strategies

There continues to be a need to attract, train and retain new talent as baby boomers enter retirement years. Employers must learn how to accommodate multiple generations with varied preferences – from telecommuting to technology – and ensure successful integration with the existing workforce. Creating strategies and utilizing new tools for knowledge sharing will help enhance communication and understanding.

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