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 Good health empowerment     
Bridging the gaps

Racing toward self-service innovation

As the world around us caters to the desire for on-demand consumerism, we too must continue to push our capacity to provide immediate resources for those in need. Companies in our industry will evolve to fit the preferences of the population by growing and improving the self-service options available to consumers.

Supporting diversity and inclusion within claims management

Different generations and populations have different needs when considering health concerns, technology, communication preferences, resources and more. What do changing demographics mean in our workforces and how are we adapting our practices to accommodate and support differences?

Broadening the knowledge and capabilities of today’s CLAIMS PROFESSIONAL

Training of claims professionals can’t just be about the claims process anymore. We must look holistically at how examiners are addressing the needs of the client, carrier and the consumer – how their part in the process impacts the bigger picture, including actuarial results, underwriting and profitability.

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