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    Responding to legislative changes
The people in power and the laws they enact will significantly affect the industry in 2016 and beyond.

 9 Shift in the political landscape – National, state and local elections in 2016 will usher in new policy changes from immigration, government spending, trade sanctions, budget and compliance legislations that will impact every business for years to come.
 10 Complexity in state workers’ compensation systems – Various states will continue to address legislative measures that could have an extensive impact on claims including physician dispensing, drug repackaging, drug formularies, independent medical exams, medical marijuana, and the misclassification of employees and contractors.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) – As some ACA provisions will continue to impact payers and providers in 2016, the key issues for employers will include new reporting requirements from the Internal Revenue Service for ACA information returns, and increased penalties for not filing, filing late, or for missing or incorrect information.

 12 Employment laws – Employers will continue to manage compliance-related issues as they respond to ongoing changes in the ADA/ADAAA, FMLA, and other federal and state laws impacting our industry; and in the regulations established by OSHA and the EEOC.

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