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ICD-10 information 
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Conversion to ICD-10
On Oct. 1, 2015, ICD-10 coding—based on the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases—became the national standard for providers and payers to use in transactions for services provided on or after that date. To ensure Sedgwick’s compliance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), we updated our claims systems with more than 90,000 ICD-10 diagnosis codes and delivered training to our claims colleagues in advance of the Oct. 1 compliance date on the proper use of ICD-10 codes with the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG). For more information on the U.S. government’s implementation of ICD-10 coding, please refer to If you have additional questions for Sedgwick that are not answered below, please contact us at
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March 22, 2013: Sedgwick committed to meeting deadline for ICD-10 code compliance

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