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Supply chain risk insurance – An unknown maze?

The risk landscape is continuously changing. However, business interruption including supply chain risk continues to remain as one of the top three risks businesses face for the seventh year in a row.[i] Most businesses operate within a complex supply chain web and a break in any part of that structure can cause tremendous financial losses. Traditional property damage/business interruption (PD/BI) policies are not tailored to cope with the extent and nature of a supply chain interruption. There

Client bulletin
Onsite survey and claims support available in the wake of the M/V "YANTIAN EXPRESS" fire

Sedgwick’s global marine team of qualified surveyors, led by Chris Bender, Senior National Surveyor, is ready to assist with cargo surveys and support damage claims caused by the fire on board the M/V "YANTIAN EXPRESS."

Press release
Sedgwick strengthens its marine claims services

The global marine practice of Sedgwick consists of 180 dedicated marine experts working across 45 countries around the world.

Safety Concerns with Containerized Cargo and the Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code)

The marine cargo industry has changed significantly over the past few decades, especially the way cargo is transported. Before sea containers were introduced, dry cargoes were usually shipped as break-bulk cargo or in bulk. Break-bulk cargo includes items that can be stacked on a pallet or crated, such as steel pipes and coils. Bulk cargo can also be shipped as break-bulk cargo in one- or two-ton bags. Today most break-bulk cargo is shipped in sea containers. Even cargoes traditionally transport

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When U.S. clients need an independent adjuster, call on Vericlaim Canada

Vericlaim Canada specializes in automobile, property and liability claims solutions for various industries. The team’s auto liability claims expertise includes all types of rental, lease, fleet, taxi and personal vehicle claims. The talented professionals who focus on property claims assist with the largest and most complex claims as well as smaller, more routine commercial and residential losses. The liability team has experience in many areas such as general, environmental, professional, prod

Staying afloat with boating safety

According to 2015 U.S. Coast Guard statistics, May through September is  the peak period for recreational boating accidents.  Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, and California lead the nation in the number of registered boats while Florida regularly leads the nation in damage claims of over $2000—far outpacing California at a distant second. While boat and watercraft insurance is an important line for many insurers, the nature of boating can lead to large property, casualty and lia

Active hurricane season predicted: Don't fail to prepare

$1.9 billon. That is the estimated dollar amount the recent historic floods in Houston Texas will cost to return life and business back to normal according to the Houston Business Journal. Now almost every major weather service is reporting that, due to weather-related pattern shifts such as La Niña, the 2016 hurricane season may be more active than any over the past three years. Experts at AccuWeather warn that those living along the Atlantic coast should be vigilant, as tropical storms Bonni

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