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Beyond property: What you need to know about EBI

Many business owners make assumptions about what is included under their property policy. Property policies are designed to cover damage to equipment caused by external means; however, in the case of an internal malfunction, are you covered? Equipment breakdown insurance (EBI) may be critical. Forms of policies EBI is formerly known as “boiler and machinery” insurance. This coverage is provided in two forms of policies: Standalone EBI policy Combined property/EBI policy or EBI cover

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When U.S. clients need an independent adjuster, call on Vericlaim Canada

Vericlaim Canada specializes in automobile, property and liability claims solutions for various industries. The team’s auto liability claims expertise includes all types of rental, lease, fleet, taxi and personal vehicle claims. The talented professionals who focus on property claims assist with the largest and most complex claims as well as smaller, more routine commercial and residential losses. The liability team has experience in many areas such as general, environmental, professional, prod

Claims experts survey devastating flood damage

Vericlaim Vice President, John Hinz is in Houston, Texas, and he shares his firsthand account of the widespread devastation caused by Tropical Storm Harvey. The massive flooding has made it difficult for travel and damage assessment. Harvey made landfall on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane, and Houston has seen catastrophic amounts of rain as the system stalled. Having been in Houston for 23 years, Mr. Hinz said this will be the largest flood event he has ever seen. He reported extensive da

The IoT and forensic vehicle investigations

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a revolutionary impact on the automotive industry. Just like our smartphones, our cars have become smart cars, more commonly referred to as connected cars. Modern automobiles have the ability to produce, capture, store, process, analyze, and transmit large amounts of data to assist drivers and provide information – telematics. This data can be stored within the vehicle or transmitted to the cloud, the manufacturer or a designated insurance company. With t

Origin Lab. The Importance of Investigating Pre-Fire Premises Security

Michael Reynolds, director of total performance for Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc., discusses our fire investigation expertise. In the case of an arson investigation, he explains the importance of determining how secure a building was prior to the fire and if someone other than the accused had sufficient access to commit the crime. He outlines a methodology to investigate the pre-fire premises security and explains why such an investigation is essential to the claims process.

Taking a closer look when lightning strikes

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, it is not uncommon for lightning to strike a vehicle, moving or parked. The effects of the strike vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the circumstances related to the storm and vehicle type. For insurance adjusters, it is easy enough to determine that major visible damage to the vehicle – such as large burn marks in the paint, shattered windows or blown tires – was, more likely than not, caused by a major lightning strike.  In o

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