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Questions about your claim?
Contact your Sedgwick claims examiner at the number you have been provided during regular business hours for answers to claims-related questions. For a faster response, have your claim number handy.
Lost your claim number?
Your name and social security number will also do the job.
Lost the phone number?
Check with your employer or email us.
Been notified of our interactive voice response (IVR) access?
The viaOne express IVR system provides secure 24-hour self-service access to frequently asked questions about individual workers’ compensation and disability claims. If you are eligible, use the IVR 800 number you received with your claims information. After authenticating your identity, you may receive information on claim approvals, claim payments, return to work dates, and other frequently asked questions. During business hours, you may transfer directly from the IVR system to a Sedgwick service representative for additional assistance. Outside of business hours, you may leave a message for a response the next business day.
Would you like to receive the automated claim updates included in Sedgwick’s push technology option? You can opt-in to receive these communications through viaOne express or by contacting your claims examiner.