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Sedgwick provides the resources to help our clients’ employees manage their workers’ compensation and disability claims, and leave of absence cases. With our viaOne® express application, employees can view claim or case status and information, including balances by leave type and payment history. It also provides them with the ability to add absence dates to existing leave cases, securely communi­cate with claims examiners, update personal informa­tion and return-to-work dates, and view frequently asked questions.
Additional ways for injured and absent employees to stay connected:

Push technology option

Sedgwick also offers push technology for our clients' employees with workers' compensation and disability claims, and leave of absence cases. With this option, employees can choose to receive emails or text messages with claim status updates, payment notifications, and proactive reminders. With our push technology system, our clients' employees know exactly when claim payments are made and when benefit checks are issued, and it offers a convenient way to keep them updated during the process. They can choose to receive the communications in Sedgwick's push technology within viaOne express or opt-in by contacting their claim specialist.


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