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The grand bargain: deal or no deal

Max Koonce Sedgwick, chief claims officer
Joan Vincenz United Airlines, managing director operations risk

The workers’ compensation system has been characterized as the grand bargain for both employer and employee. COVID-19, however, has made society a third party in this, following a workplace-linked case being ruled compensable under workers’ compensation. Are we entering a new era of socialization of risks, where employee protections are balanced with businesses’ role in a well-functioning economy? Explore evolving expectations related to infectious diseases. Determine to what degree communicable diseases may be considered job-related and whether the intention of workers’ compensation has been permanently modified.


Social inflation: what it can mean
for your liability program

Max Koonce Sedgwick, chief claims officer
Tom Best Home Depot, deputy general counsel

Nuclear verdicts are a threat to your organization as long as litigation costs rise and social inflation remains real. Examine key strategies and tactics that can affect exposure to unusually expensive claims in civil litigation. Discuss attorney selection, leveraging technology and analytics, attitudes toward corporations, mitigating anchoring tactics, case evaluation and settlement approaches. Learn to manage risks associated with liability claims to generate predictable outcomes. Explore resources, tools and best practices that you can use to mitigate oversized verdicts and ensure appropriate dispute resolution.


Expanding your footprint: global idea exchange

David Stills Sedgwick, SVP, carrier and risk practice
Bob Pastore Walmart Stores, Inc., senior director, global risk management

Enable your organization to embrace opportunities for expansion and change by securing a global commitment to its risk management philosophy. Recognize the cultural missteps or offenses that can derail an expansion project. Be prepared to protect and cover employees traveling overseas in the years it can take from the first meeting and the launch of operations. Understand insurance coverages, worker protection systems and jurisdictional differences in your organization’s international locations.


The view from 30,000 feet: how the
risk management landscape has changed

Ken Belich Sedgwick, SVP client services
Lee Garvin JetBlue, director risk management

Discover the information, guidance and counsel executives have come to expect and how your role has been elevated over the past year. Hear how organizations protect and care for “essential employees.” Discover strategies to guard against reputational risk. Delve into technology-enabled decision-making based on real-time data. Learn to leverage relationships and resources to accomplish program goals and objectives. Strive to improve performance, elevate the industry and increase the protection and care of those you serve.


Making artificial intelligence work
for you

Leah Cooper Sedgwick, managing director, global consumer technology
Justin Gress Vantage Group Holdings Ltd., vice president, strategic initiatives

Discover the current uses — and the potential — for artificial intelligence (AI) in the risk and insurance industry. Consider how robotic process automation generates automatic communications in response to a trigger. Examine rules-based decision engines that select recipients for a new claim notification. Delve into machine learning, where chatbots expand customer service, digital image recognition assists in damage assessment and predictive modeling detects claims patterns to predict outcomes and initiate early intervention. Explore the possibilities of what the future of AI may hold for you.


The evolution of COVID-19 risk management for essential businesses

Dr. Teresa Bartlett Sedgwick, senior medical officer, managing director
Kim Pfingstag International Paper Company, manager, occupational care and recovery

In March 2020 the world changed overnight, and businesses had to act quickly to protect customers, employees and financial exposure against a risk that was not fully understood. The initial reaction for most businesses was to keep the public out and send employees home. But for essential businesses, PPE procurement, employee health monitoring, social distancing standards and sanitizing protocols had to be addressed in real-time. Companies like International Paper Company made immediate and sustainable changes to their plants and facilities based on the best information available at the time. But, as the understanding of COVID-19 evolved, so did their way of doing business. In the ensuing months, safety and sanitation procedures in their locations evolved while in the corporate office a re-evaluation of safeguards from business interruption, workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims took place. Focus shifted to best practices for filtration and ventilation to mitigate airborne pathogens. This session will share lessons learned from this experience including what they did right, where hidden challenges were uncovered and valuable insights that businesses can capitalize on going forward.

Elevating experience, engagement and empathy


Kimberly George Sedgwick, global head of product development and innovation
Steve Figliuolo, ARM Chick-fil-A, enterprise risk management

An undercurrent continues to build in support of stronger employee experience and engagement initiatives. Employees who are more engaged in their health are often more satisfied, less likely to have litigation concerns and trend toward better overall outcomes. With reimbursement tying to satisfaction and outcomes in some cases, a focus on experience is a critical business need. Together, we will explore ways organizations can refine their practices and partnerships to influence the employee and consumer experience.

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Staying ahead of safety trends, protocols and preparation


Joe Whitlock EFI Global, senior industrial hygienist advisor
Michael Lorms Sedgwick, risk services manager

Safety trends and protocols are changing every day, thereby reinforcing the need for ongoing training. Organizations must look at how these changes impact their care management model and facility management plan. Leaders must also look at what is changing from a tracking and reporting standpoint. Many are asking if a vaccine will change the paradigm and can it be required. We will discuss ways to create and execute an effective and sustainable safety strategy.

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Navigating changing legislation where health and compliance matter


Bryon Bass Sedgwick, SVP workforce absence
Max Koonce Sedgwick, chief claims officer

COVID-19 presumptive rules, the CARES Act, statutory state benefits, leave and accommodation changes across the country — navigating these legislative challenges is a hot topic among workers’ compensation and workforce absence management leaders. They are scanning the horizon for future issues that are surfacing and looking for any hidden costs ahead or ones that may already have been absorbed. We will discuss ways to get in front of the next wave of changes that will impact organizations.

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The drugs that keep us up at night


Paul Peak Sedgwick, vice president clinical pharmacy
Reema Hammoud Sedgwick, assistant vice president clinical pharmacy

Everyone relishes a good night’s sleep but for many, that is a difficult feat. Certainly, the events of 2020 and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the importance and necessity of getting recommended rest. It is not surprising that insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, and lack of sleep can significantly impact the next day’s activities. Falling asleep, staying asleep and achieving quality sleep can all be challenging. With an emphasis on over-the-counter products, you will hear leading pharmacists talk about medications and substances that can help people fall asleep and stay asleep as well as those that can disrupt the sleep cycle. Join us and relax as we share our personal stories and professional experience about drugs that keep us up at night as well as those that can aid our slumber.

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Blurring the lines between


Adam Morell Sedgwick, director national compliance, ADA accommodations
Shawn Johnson Sedgwick, managing director

With federal workplace laws becoming increasingly complex and state mandates continually changing, employers are looking for ways to establish a consistent leave of absence approach across the organization, regardless of what caused the injury or disability or where it happened. This includes establishing a well-designed return to work program that includes the interactive process. We will discuss trends and answer common questions surrounding leave of absence and accommodation laws and share practices to help overcome everyday challenges.

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Establishing a culture of mental health sensitivity


Beth Burry Sedgwick, SVP case management, clinically integrated programs 
Mark Debus Sedgwick, behavioral health team lead

Given the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that mental and behavioral health needs are on the rise. This is especially true for essential workers on the front lines as they are at the greatest risk for the emotional toll that daily exposure to the coronavirus can create. Through additional sensitivity coaching, organizations can find ways to equip employees with the right guidance, tools and support needed to take a proactive, engaged stance in addressing collective trauma.

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Emphasizing ergonomics and safety in a home office


Lisa Orr Sedgwick, senior ergonomics consultant

At the onset of COVID-19, many businesses allowed employees to work from home as a means to stop or curtail the spread of the highly infectious virus. Some businesses are even planning for permanent work from home arrangements. However, many individuals are discovering that it’s time to pay attention to the ergonomics of their home setup. We will discuss putting ergonomics into practice at home, recognizing that the setup is often very different from the office and can be challenging.

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Demystifying mindfulness and meditation


Dr. Teresa Bartlett Sedgwick, senior medical officer, managing director

Employees can feel agitated, anxious, fearful, distracted, angry or isolated as a result of certain events or circumstances at the workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic frequently escalated and magnified many of these emotions among employee groups. Breathing techniques and learning how to be present in the moment can be learned. We will introduce mindfulness and meditation as excellent calming techniques and valuable tools at the workplace.

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Destressing your life


Dr. Teresa Bartlett Sedgwick, senior medical officer, managing director

Life is fast. Work is hard. And relationships can create tension. Everyone needs time to decompress and recharge from daily demands. This session will share practical ways to address rising levels of stress that will help individuals feel their best and ready to embrace that next opportunity. We will discuss how to identify and address the root cause of major sources of stress, the importance and need to unplug from a world filled with 24/7 headlines and messaging capabilities, and the need for quiet reflection, self-care and the pursuit of happiness.

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Nationally renowned chef Paul Kahan

We are pleased to partner with chef Paul Kahan and the Southern Smoke Foundation which provides relief to individuals in the food and beverage industry as part of efforts to help our clients, colleagues and communities thrive in 2021. View a brief video on our RIMS charity.

Global Studio

How recent COVID-19 developments are impacting global operations


Eric Malterre Sedgwick, chief client officer - international

Join us for a closer look at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious effects that COVID-19 has had on the risk and insurance industry. Specifically, we will explore how COVID-19 has impacted claims management from experience to outcomes. We will also look at business interruption court cases, what is becoming a heavily ingrained reliance on technology, and the impact on supply chains and the marine industry. You will come away with a look at how global operations have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Recall landscape, what you need
to know


Amanda Combs Sedgwick, recall advisor

For businesses today, product recalls are not a matter of if but when. For those companies that have not had a recall or not dealt with one in years, they can have surprising and unwelcomed consequences. Factor in today’s global complexities that many companies face, and it is easy to see why an effective product recall strategy is essential to the risk management planning process. In this session, we will explore trends, planning and readiness surrounding product recalls as well as the true cost of a recall. You will come away knowing the questions to ask and understanding of why preparation is key.

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Business interruption... Groundhog Day?


Damian Glynn Sedgwick International UK, director, head of financial risks

Business interruption is a challenge all risk professionals must address but there are lessons learned and resources available to help ensure informed decisions are made when it comes to asset protection. In this session, we will compare and contrast the United States and United Kingdom’s positions related to business interruption with a focus on what changes can be made in the future to improve protection and coverage. You will come away with a clearer understanding of the steps and conversations which should be held before a loss rather than having to deal with unanticipated consequences surrounding language, coverage and protection afterward.

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