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Sedgwick works with employers to answer the challenges of administering workers’ compensation claims.

What we do

Our claims examiners deliver the expertise that employers need to meet complex jurisdictional requirements. We offer the convenience and consistency of a single solution provider, resulting in lower costs and greater success returning injured employees to health and productivity.

Our claims examiners deliver the expertise that employers need to meet complex jurisdictional requirements.

Jurisdictional expertise (U.S. only)

Claims involving maritime law are among the most challenging in the workers’ compensation industry. Employers need a partner that understands the unique rules and regulations governing these cases to ensure compliance and avoid fines. Sedgwick’s maritime claims specialists are experts in Jones Act claims investigations for U.S. and international incidents. We also provide claims administration for cases involving the U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act. Click here to learn more.

Ohio state fund and group rating

Sedgwick is Ohio’s leading claims administrator, delivering state fund workers’ compensation claims management, alternative rating program consultation and cost containment strategies to businesses for more than 50 years. Today, we have the privilege of representing nearly 65,000 Ohio employers and organizations. Click here to learn more.

Jurisdictional expertise (U.S. only) cont.

Sedgwick offers comprehensive claims services, aggressive cost control strategies and benefit plan support for employers participating in the Texas non-subscriber program. Texas is the only state where businesses can opt out of the state-run workers’ compensation system or elect to participate in a non-subscriber program. We have the unique jurisdictional knowledge needed to assist these employers. Click here to learn more.

Washington state fund

Workers’ compensation premiums are among the largest operational expenses for any business. We help improve our clients’ programs and increase savings by simplifying and resolving complicated claim issues, and helping them navigate Washington’s workers’ compensation system. Click here to learn more.

Why choose Sedgwick?

We bring the level of collaboration necessary to best coordinate all elements of the claim, providing customers with:

  • Depth and breadth of our industry knowledge
  • Unparalleled access to the industry’s top resources
  • Flexible program design with the right level of resources
  • Exceptional clinical resources
  • Complete team coordination and integration on every claim
  • Execution of strategies we learn from our industry and jurisdictional experience
  • Advanced technology and operational systems that support an efficient process

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